Toronto star horoscope march 21

If single, many different people demonstrate an interest in evolving your friendship to a new level of caring. Make sure you want to commit to someone this year.

You might want to date more. If attached, the two of you can create a lot of excitement together and might be quite content as a duo; however, your partner can act in the most unexpected manner.

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At times, you feel uncomfortable around them as you try to keep your feelings under control. Keep communicating what is on your mind. Your enthusiasm comes through no matter what you are sharing. The unexpected occurs when dealing with a family member or a real estate issue. You can handle whatever comes up. Tonight: Happiest at home. Speak your mind. Others respond to you in their own unique ways, which you seem able to deal with.

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Honour your feelings and share. The stronger the rapport you have with another person, the better the team you make together. Tonight: TGIF. Your flexibility comes through for you in the morning. A question around finances and work could emerge in the afternoon.

Do not assume the worst-case scenario. Stay positive. The results will be better. Tonight: All smiles. As the day progresses, you become far more upbeat.

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Perhaps the upcoming weekend is just what you need, or perhaps some unanticipated news makes you smile. Be sensitive to a friend's ups and downs. Demonstrate your caring. Tonight: Be spontaneous. You could be more optimistic and direct than you have been for a while. You might stun someone with your simple message. He or she could act in an unexpected matter that makes you uncomfortable.

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Tonight: Be mysterious. Be willing to step up to the plate in the morning and you will see a situation improve. You have a way of drawing others to you, especially when you feel good about what is happening. Tonight: You are so lucky. Reach out for a loved one or an adviser at a distance. This person has a lot to share.

You are on top of what needs to happen with the information you receive. Let this person know how much of a difference he or she makes.

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Zero in on what you want -- friends might be involved in some way. You can have a new beginning if you are willing to share more of your thoughts. A partner could resist a financial idea. Tonight: Go with the moment. Stay on top of responsibilities. You will manage to create more free time. A loved one or family member might be wearing you down more than you realize.


You might want to verbalize how you feel to this person. Tonight: A must appearance. Look to a more intriguing set of plans than your normal Saturday routine. You may have pushed as hard as you can, and your temper could be triggered more easily. Take the high road. Tonight: Adjust your plans according to your mood. One-on-one relating is highlighted.

A child or a flirtation could be challenging and difficult at the moment.

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You might need to communicate your bottom line and let the other party know you are serious. Tonight: Opt for togetherness. You have a way of convincing others to go along with a fun but possibly expensive idea. Tonight: Do something delightful for a loved one. Pace yourself and you will get a lot done.

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Speak your mind and be willing to discuss a difficult topic. You find a relative or close associate stubborn and difficult to deal with. Tonight: Do not push your energy levels. You might be livelier and more fun-loving than you have been for a while. You might experience a restriction financially and not know how to turn it over or change what is happening. Tonight: Act like a teenager again. You are coming from a basic, centred point of view.

Understand what is happening around you. A family member might be irritating you and causing you to feel less than great. Tonight: Time for a talk. Swap ideas with a dear friend who means a lot to you. You might try to hide how you really feel from others. Lighten up if you can. Communication could present a new viewpoint. Tonight: Let it all hang out. Curb a need to be noticed and make a big splash. You could feel out of control and wonder what will happen next. You might want attention from one particular person.

Know that someone is noticing you -- even if he or she is subtle. Tonight: Make it your treat.