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We're buddies. We go fishing together. Best young Italian chefs and best of pals. There's a third angle, too. Fathers enormously proud of their sons expanding and even bettering what the fathers started. John Del Signore echoes about his Best young Italian chefs and best of pals.

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Plus, fathers proud of their sons bettering what the fathers started. He's the chef. I love working with him. People love his cooking. Both started in the late-'60searly-'70s with pizzerias. About six years ago they completely remodeled it, and John turned the toque over to Luciano when they started the catering operation.

We both remember John inviting me out to meet and eat with Luciano the week he took over. It's become one of the hottest and always-crowded little spots in Oakland County, even though patrons know there's often a considerable wait for a table. The Gallagher brothers learned tindery Chef Jeffs tutelage at Maria's. It's a pizza-' pasta-chicken-ribs-salad pizzeria.

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Best news of all: Chef Luciano will ; soon offer his amoglio, marinara and rabiata sauces in container-jars-tc-go. Just in time. Can't get enough of that amoglio! Call anytime. Or fax him.

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BC3 gkeeke! Some who have succeeded send child words to live by Breaking through the clouds, there is often a beam of sunlight: A man whose first name is Russ was filled with joy when his daughter Lauren was the baby's name was born. We're not printing the family's last name, to give them a little privacy. Russ thought about what gift he might bestow upon his child. So he wrote to leaders in various fields and said that he and his wife had been blessed with a daughter, and that they would be grateful for words of advice and encouragement. Words that will be waiting for her when she is ready to understand.

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Hearteningly, many took the time to send Lauren their words. Here are some. T From Lee Iacocca: "One of the most!

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He used to say, 'You'll never J really know what happiness is unless you have something to compare it to. Remember to accept the lows and! I wish you a life full of purpose,! Listen to your parents. Follow the : Golden Rule. Some were simple, some were eloquent. But in these days when, so often, it seems that so many children are forgotten, the words to Lauren at the beginning of her life are a welcome touch of warmth and grace.

Orbach created 'Fantasticks' role Q. Was it recent?

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It helps you focus on one audience. Rising degree image and the name of your personal guardian angelspirit. Both will try to expose the weaknesses of the other. This may be the reason why people who are born under the astrological sign of gemini are always on the go. The lady as depicted in redguard. A newfangled tool that just came out makes a great gift for dad. Newsletters Never miss a beat Sign Up Now Subscribe now to get the latest news delivered right to your inbox. Special Issues Drink. Made in Michigan. Best of Detroit. Marijuana for Dummies.

Bands to Watch. Metro Times 30 E. Canfield St. RSS Feeds. Arts and Culture Arts and Culture Home. Best of Detroit Best of Detroit Home.

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