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Especially in the a. Hello AJ It is so very interesting when we see our birthday numbers. The 7 vibration is what inspires you in life.

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Perhaps in the am when you see it, pay attention to the message, especially if it relates to something in your life. If you are interested in learning more about this as it pertains to you.. Here is a link to my readings. Lets take a look at this.. Your birthday is all about 2s.. Two is the connector, the arbitrator, dealing with truth and fairness. Relationships of all kinds, romantic, family, friends, business. How do you connect with another is the key.

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The zero is about potential.. You are probably still exploring the meaning of your life, at the age of 15, but with all those 2s you might have fun with people. I would say that the most important thing is loving yourself. The two can tend to care more about others than self.. So do something that pleases you at least once a day:.

Here is a fun link to find you life purpose.. I am considering a major change in my life and I know 5 is about change. Do you know what that could be about?

It being your catalyst, you move in the place of change always.. Do i need to worry everytime i see it? Hello Ira, sorry for the delay.. Do you have many balls in the air? Do you love to travel and connect with people? It is also an interesting phenomenon called karmic freedom.. Read more about it here.

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I would not worry when you see it.. It might be a message of doing too much at once or a message to pay attention to the moment and act.

Are you still seeing it?? If you would like to learn more, we could have a mini session, see more about my readings here.

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I was even afraid that it was a sign death but now I have positive hope lol. Hi Robin, Seeing your birthday numbers are very interesting. The sum of the month plus the day symbolizes what inspires you in life. Your numbers add up to a nine. This represents completion and transformation. Understand the inner meanings and bigger picture of life. You analyze everything.. Seeing the your birthday number may be a message that it is time for change or time to look at what you have been putting up with that you might want to let go of.

Number: month, day, year. Yeah I have seen that happen.. What does it mean to you? It could be about potential.. Longing or excitement. Lets take a look at the numbers. Add together… So pay attention to when you see the number.

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What are you thinking? Perhaps start a journal that lists when you see the number and what you were thinking or saying to someone. I am not sure if it is about this person or about the drive and excitement in you for adventure. Perhaps when you see the number it is saying..

Journaling will definitely help you to get clearer. When I see the same number, it often feels like a confirmation that what I just said needs to be paid attention to.

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I can help you with more insight about this and your name, birthday numerology, etc if you are interested in a reading. HI Norma, So lets see. Four is the builder and manifester. Perhaps this is a time for you to build something or complete something you are working on.

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Seeing this same number might be a message to you to take a look at what you would like to accomplish in your life. This is also a 6 personal year for you which is all about birthing something. Pay attention to when you see this number. Is there a question that you have been working on.. The message may very well be to take action or at least start the gears moving towards your new creation. Do you know what this is? Here is the link to find out more about your personal year.

Add your birth month to your birth day and the current year. Hi Greer! I have always seen my birthdate on clocks. Can you help me on this journey? In need of a kick start. Do you see all the time? Well your birthday just passed. Happy birthday! What inspires you is a 4. All about structure and purpose and also the builder. You are inspired to manifest things into being. Do you have structure and the heart in your career and way of life? It is important for you to have both because if you only have one of these things, then you are out of balance.

Are you too controlling? If you see 2 1 1 all the time, perhaps it is a message to come back to balance. Love and assertiveness, both are important. Let me know if I can help you further with a complete reading: looking at all the many things that make you, you. This has bothered me for years.

I see on way too much stuff. Time mostly almost daily, tags, prices, etc. This has me so nervous as to why. Thank you my friend! Would love to know why.